Teach Children How To Cook

Personal sharings of Chef Peter Pang on How To Lead Your Child To Healthy Eating

About Chef Peter Pang

Hi There, I am Peter Pang. I am a passionate and highly motivated chef. I was born with EDS (Ehler Danlos Syndrome) which makes me weak in hands and legs. Although the kitchen is a dangerous place for a semi handicapped person like me, I persisted and realized my dream to be a chef. I have a Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management, with 17 years of experience in food and beverages industry. I run a catering business and also run workshop called Kidchen – Kids in the kitchen program to encourage parents to teach their children how to cook and eat healthy food.

I am also the author of four other books: Hong Kong Delicacies, Candy D.I.Y, Party Favourites and The secret Of Teaching Kids How To Cook.

My Website : http://www.chefpeterpang.com

My Favourite Recipe Organizer Program : http://www.dvo.com?CID=affiliate_chefpang

My Email : mangkukayam@yahoo.com.my

My Favourite Book : The Science Of Getting Rich http://www.sgr1.thesgrprogram.com

My Youtube Videos



One Response to “About Chef Peter Pang”

  1. Ricky Soo said

    Dear Chef Peter, great to know you too! Didn’t expect this unassuming person I met is a great chef and entrepreneur! 🙂 Heard you story before. May you grow from strength to strength. Bless…

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